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Cryobanks International Adopts BioE's Cord Blood Processing System

Converting to BioE's PrepaCyte-CB Processing System will enable Cryobanks to "set a new industry standard for processing and storing stem cells from cord blood"

June 3, 2008

ST. PAUL, Minn. and ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - June 3, 2008 - BioE®, Inc. and Cryobanks International, Inc. announced today Cryobanks has adopted BioE's PrepaCyte -CB Processing System for umbilical cord blood.

Cryobanks is a global leader in banking umbilical cord blood stem cells for both public donation and private family use. Its U.S. operation has converted to BioE's proprietary cord blood processing system to obtain greater cord blood stem cell yields and improve processing efficiency. Cryobanks previously employed a hetastarch method to process cord blood units.

"Using PrepaCyte-CB will enable us to set a new industry standard for processing and storing stem cells from cord blood," said Robert Gravely, chief operating officer for Cryobanks. "Our goal when processing cord blood, whether for donation or private storage, is banking the highest quality product possible. With PrepaCyte-CB, we can better ensure cord blood from our bank contains the highest stem cell yields available for families and transplanting physicians."

"While participating in BioE's multi-center clinical study in 2007, we were impressed by PrepaCyte-CB's ability to improve stem cell yields and eliminate nearly 100 percent of unnecessary red blood cells (RBCs) from the final processed cord blood," said Donald Hudspeth, general manager and international projects manager for Cryobanks. "This is a significant achievement in the cord blood banking industry and, we believe, a tremendous benefit to our processing and storage operations."

Based on independent internal testing, Cryobanks a National Marrow Donor Program member bank also determined that processing cord blood with PrepaCyte-CB saves significant processing time per cord blood unit compared to its former processing method. The time-savings PrepaCyte-CB delivers will allow Cryobanks' staff to utilize their time more efficiently and process more units.

"The cord blood industry is quickly evolving, and we're pleased Cryobanks recognizes the immediate and tangible benefits PrepaCyte-CB can bring its organization," said Michael Haider, president and chief executive officer for BioE.

"We are confident PrepaCyte-CB will play a key role in Cryobanks' future, as this premier cord blood bank continues to advance its commitment to saving lives via public and private cord blood banking," said Gayl Chrysler, vice president of cellular technologies and clinical affairs for BioE. "We look forward to bringing our PrepaCyte-CB technology to many other cord blood banks around the world. BioE is dedicated to offering a product that will allow cord blood banks to address increasing regulatory and economic pressures."

About PrepaCyte-CB

PrepaCyte-CB is a sterile, three-bag, functionally closed cell processing system used to separate and collect therapeutically important cells, including stem cells, from human umbilical cord blood. The system's interconnected, closed-bag set limits cell manipulation and helps minimize chances of contamination and identification errors.

When mixed with cord blood, the proprietary PrepaCyte-CB reagent facilitates rapid sedimentation of RBCs, leaving high yields of total nucleated cells (TNCs) and stem cells unmodified in the upper fraction of the solution. These viable cells can then be easily collected and stored by public and private cord blood banks for eventual transplantation in humans.

For more detailed PrepaCyte-CB clinical study data and a visual representation of how the PrepaCyte-CB System works, visit

About BioE

Headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., BioE is a biomedical company that provides enabling cord blood stem cell tools and technologies. The company's proprietary PrepaCyte -CB Processing System easily and efficiently separates stem cells from cord blood for cryopreservation and eventual transplantation in humans. BioE's clonal, cord blood-derived Multi-Lineage Progenitor Cell™ (MLPC™) stem cell - isolated using the company's PrepaCyte cell separation platform - can differentiate into multiple cell types and lineages and is readily available to clinicians and researchers for therapeutic research and drug discovery. BioE is privately owned and was founded in 1993. For more information about the company, please visit or call (800) 350-6466.

About Cryobanks International

Cryobanks International is a corporation located in Altamonte Springs, Fla. The company is a leader in the collection, processing and banking of stem cells derived from the umbilical cord immediately after birth. The company offers both public donation and private family storage banking options. Donated units of cord blood (CB) are processed and stored by the company for use in unrelated transplants (where the donor is a histocompatible match, but is anonymous and unrelated to the recipient) and for personal storage and use. In recent years, cord blood transplants (CBTs) have become widely recognized as a safe, effective, and in many ways preferable, alternative to bone marrow transplant (BMT). There is tremendous potential need for CBTs in the United States and worldwide. Cryobanks International is well poised to help meet that need, equipped with an inventory of over 9,700 donated cord blood units listed on international registries including the National Marrow Donor Program. For more information about Cryobanks International, call 1-800-869-8608 or visit the website at