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ActiCyte®-TC Media Kit contains a cell activation media designed to induce expression of cytokine receptors and secretion of cytokines in human leukocyte cell cultures. It is designed to facilitate the study of T-lymphocyte activation biology by providing a rapid and simple methodology of cell preparation by utilizing anti-CD3 antibody, hIL-1 alpha and hIL-2 to activate human T-lymphocytes. It includes activation medium and a basal medium for the establishment of parallel control cultures. For research use only.

Proof of Performance

ActiCyte Proof of Performance

Typical results of cytokine secretions at 20 h of culture on PBMCs and purified T-cells (PrepaCyte®) using various activation methods including ActiCyte-TC. Secretions measured in pg/mL using flow cytometry-based immunoassay kits. (Collins, D. 2000. Journal of Immunological Methods. 243: 125-145)